Editor X Library

The library that functions as the building blocks of Editor X, from the atom parts to full pages, let's dive in and see how it all works.


My role is to manage the library from a UX perspective, making sure that the process of using, maintaining, and contributing to the library runs smoothly... Let's dive in 😎

Figma Spec kit 🏗️

In order to make the designer's life easier, I created a library that contains all the tools needed to simplify the specification process.

Figma UI kit 🌈

Constructing and maintaining the Figma UI kit library, utilizing the tools that Figma provides to optimize the designers' workflows and knowledge of the library.

Handoff Supervisor🕵️‍♂️

To minimize the back and forth interaction between the designer and developer, I am in charge of the specification process and act as a supervisor to make sure everything is specified in a clear, informative and realistic manner.














Contribution 👨‍💻

To reduce bureaucracy and maintain consistency and efficiency, I am in charge of the contributing process, acting as a liaison between designers and developers at Ediotr X and the library.



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